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On the altar of love are historical monuments

The annual solemn action in honor of the memory of the great scientist and patriot of Ukraine - archaeologist, art historian, museum historian, artist, teacher - Mykola Omelyanovich Makarenko (1877-1938) was held on February 4, the day of his birth, in Mikhailovsky Moskichilovsky. It began, as always, with a personal funeral liturgy in the main temple, which was sent, accompanied by a men's choir, to the clergy of the monastery, led by Archimandrite Lawrence. The service was also attended by students of the Orthodox Theological Academy, headed by the Vice-Rector, Archpriest VitaliyKlos and representatives of the public organization Sumy Zemlystvo in the City of Kiev. After the departure, all present traditionally laid flowers at the bust of Mykola Makarenko next to the gate of the Economic Gate of the monastery and made a memorable photo.

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Invitation to participate!

Dear friends, we invite you to take part in the project dedicated to Makarenko.

The festivities will start from 10.00 on February 4 in the premises of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, the funeral lithium, laying flowers to the bust of M. Makarenko, the passage to the Museum (2 floor of the bell tower of the St. Michael's Monastery ..).

Project of Efremova.

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Immense love, joy and goodness

It was this mood that filled the exhibition of eleven artists who demonstrated their abilities at Christmas Opening Day. The Artists' Art Gallery, owned by the Kyiv Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, hosted the artists. Despite the fact that amateur artists presented their works to the professionals, the artistic aura filled the room with high festive energy. “The exhibition showed that when a person has a talent and a keen desire to draw, all that is needed is to make an effort. As diplomats, financiers, lawyers, computer graphics masters, icon painters, designers, architects, programmers who participated in the opening day, have shown to artists of different professions. Despite the polar works and the multifaceted level of professionalism of the artists, the exhibition demonstrates the inexhaustible beauty of the surrounding world, openness, harmony of feelings. The authors, through their works, give us answers and explanations for different situations in life, ”said the gallery's deputy director Svetlana Shulga.

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